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Jill’s Swim School

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Teaching life skills

school-age classes (5+ years)

Pupils will be taught the correct skills so swimming will be safe, relaxed and enjoyable for life. An arm band is used to assist while learning the freestyle breathing basics.

Pupils in learn to swim are taught to roll on their backs to breathe. The transition from learner to advanced breathing to the side begins at the Aquajets Swim Club level.

Classes are 20 minutes in duration.

Maximum number of pupils in class group: 4

Class Groups

Objective of Class


Gaining confidence and developing floating skills.


Improving their freestyle arm stroking and back floats. Introduced to freestyle breathing and diving.


Swimming lengths (10m) of backstroke and freestyle - progressing from large arm band, to small, to no arm band. Introduced to breaststroke and butterfly. Diving.

Learner Improver Introduction:

With the aid of flippers, pupils learn the skills required to swim freestyle with the 'bent arm' recovery and advance further their technique in backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.